Sunday, December 27th 2nd Annual Forrest “Gump” Frosty Balls Ride!

This ride is meeting at Hardee’s on Hwy 20 & Hwy 316 at 10:30 am for breakfast. We will plan on leaving at 11:30 am headed for Social Circle. The ride is about 50 miles and a couple of hours with stops along the way. We will finish up at Hail Mary’s Pub off Hwy 20 in Grayson. We are looking forward to celebrating Forrest’s passion for riding with family and friends, so bring yours, too!

We are going to be so blessed with a SUNNY HIGH OF 50 DEGREES!!! Bring a camera so we can share pictures!

Look forward to seeing everyone!

Happy Holidays,

Ashton's Little Legs

Ashton got so excited while watching his mobile, he ran out of his nightgown. :)

Ashton's First Harley Tool Kit

Sent by a dear friend, "KK" from Newnan. Thanks KK, we love ya!!! This thing is precious!!

My Two Precious Boys

December 1, 2009 Alex and Ashton: Makes a Mama Proud, that Big Brother!

Looking forward 2nd Annual Frosty Balls Ride!

So, I've taken the bike out twice since the birth of little Ashton Forrest. Good times! It really is wonderful therapy. We are scheduled for the 2nd Annual Frosty Balls Ride Dec. 27th, 2009. All are welcome. This ride is about 2-3 hours round trip and worth every mile! Rain or shine, hope to see you there!

8lbs & 21 inches at the Doctor on Nov. 19th!

Bath Time November 18th

Ashton Forrest's New Blanket Nov 03, 2009

Thanks Ashley for the Blanket & Thanks to Stephanie for the name!

Brothers. Alex & Ashton Oct. 21st

Alex's shirts says "I'm the BIG BROTHER" and Ashton's shirt says "I'm THE LITTLE BROTHER". So freaking precious!!!!

Ashton Forrest Poses for The Camera...Oct. 30th

28 Weeks!

Sorry Swen, bad hair days for preggo in August! I'M HOT! So, the hair has stayed CLOSED! This is as good as the blog gets for me! Working, the heat, normal stresses, I'm toasted! But oh so looking forward to meeting this VERY STRONG Kutsche Baby!

Forrest's Favorite Music Video and Now Baby Kutsche's Favorite Song

This awesome music video will not let me embed it. SO PLEASE USE THIS LINK ABOVE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Baby Kutsche and I were on our way to work when this song came on. I instantly started cracking up!!! I haven't seen this video in YEARS and I remember my Dad laughing his ass off at it! Once I found it on youtube this morning I remembered why he thought it was so funny. Just the first 10 seconds had me rolling. And, the best part; Baby Kutsche was kicking and jamming along with me while we strolled down the highway. I like laughing.

23 Weeks and 3 Days

This is all I could come up with. I've been so busy. Thanks to my boss who purchased a new camera and needed a human subject!